Best of Degree Show: Melanie Wiksell

Melanie Wiksell finds in death, an imagery that she wants to exploit and explore to its limits. She aims to distort life with surreal and uncanny elements and draws inspiration from the occult, rituals, the sublime, and mythologies. One of her central interest within these themes, is how people decorate pain. After three years at TheContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Melanie Wiksell”

Best of Degree Show: Joanne Dawson

“The best thing I learnt from art school is to value your peers and be a support network for one another. You’ll end up learning thorough them.” Joanne is interested by the ‘things’ we engage with in ordinary situations. Everydayness being subverted by foregrounding its support – how it is encountered contextually and in theContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Joanne Dawson”

Best of Degree Show: Rosanna Lee

Rosanna Lee arranges and manipulates objects in order to create abstract sculptural compositions that draw attention to the detail and formal qualities of the materials and their dialogue with the architectural features of the site. She explores how sculpture can be understood in terms of the human body, gesturing towards the possibility for the workContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Rosanna Lee”

Best of Degree Show: Euphrosyne Andrews

The power of form standing alone as an artwork is and idea key to Euphrosyne Andrews’ practice. Her work is concerned with the history of ornament, it’s circulation in relation to the multiple and the domestic connotations of ornamentation resulting from the materials that are commonly associated with it. Printmaking processes underpin her work, exploiting the traditional relationshipContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Euphrosyne Andrews”

Best of Degree Show: Evie Cooper

Evie Cooper’s work comes from the process of walking and exploring the Ayrshire countryside to encourage thought, using photography and drawing as her main means of recording these journeys. Later on she think about her experiences, and condenses them into her studio work. Thus begins the process of abstraction, taking from walks and breaking down the experiences to pushContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Evie Cooper”

Best of Degree Show: Maria Cesa

Over the years, Maria Cesa has focused on exploring the theme of portraiture within a contemporary context. Throughout her time at The Glasgow School of Art, Cesa’s body of work was made up of mostly acrylic and oil; however during her final year at GSA she began to move towards collage in order to abstract her pieces further. Using personal photographs as a source, Cesa experiments withContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Maria Cesa”

Best of Degree Show: Mhairi MacLeod

Mhairi MacLeod’s work is informed by her frustration at the portrayal of the female form in traditional fine art practice.  She feels that women have been presented in a way that makes male dominance and female subordination seem attractive.  This has caused MacLeod to challenge this traditional view of acceptable art in her own conceptual art practice. During her time atContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Mhairi MacLeod”

The Glasgow Miracle

‘The Glasgow Miracle’ is a term that has been on the lips of critics and artists since at least 1996, when Swiss curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist first used it to describe Glasgow’s contemporary art scene. Despite the lack of a thriving art market, Glasgow has produced a number of highly successful and acclaimed artists, amongst whomContinue reading “The Glasgow Miracle”