Our Director: Fee Cuimeanach

Fee is a writer and mixed media artist from North Ayrshire. Her work is bold and highly detailed, utilizing layered surfaces, distressed textures, and experimental typography to explore themes of memory, land, ritual, and self. Her practice incorporates monotype printmaking, expressive painting, book arts, poetry, photography, and digital processes, resulting in unique works that cross traditional boundaries.


Our Current Interns

Alice Martin

Based between Liverpool and Glasgow, Alice has just finished her undergraduate degree in Art History at the University of Glasgow. Her work focuses on architecture, and how politics intersects with the urban environment.


Lex Lyall

Based in Glasgow, Lex graduated with their HND in Art and Design in June of this year. They specialise in illustration, photography and watercolour, as well as dabbling in poetry. In helping to run the gallery, they hope to gain a bit more experience with exhibitions.


Cat Gemmill

Cat is a Glasgow based expressive Artist creating paintings and pyrography works inspired by nature. With a background in Textiles design, this is shown through their bold colour work and expressive brushstrokes. Working in the Gallery is an opportunity to be more involved with the current Art scene in Glasgow and expand the Artists experience in the area.


Lisa Bonner

Lisa is a Scottish mixed-media artist, working mainly with painting, sculpture, digital art, light/shadow projections, and printmaking. Her work explores themes of over-consumption, colour theory, and over-reliance on technology s impact on society today, created through layers of experimentation with different media. She aims to learn more about curation and the running of a gallery space.


Jem Shearer

Jem Shearer is a digital dweller, new media artist, and recent Fine Art graduate, haunting Glasgow and the stygian tunnels of cyber sewers. Through the interrogation of a discarded digital self, their practice re-imagines digital sewage as a festering virus as a method for unearthing a past Y2K self. Whilst working at the gallery they hope to expand their knowledge of curation and the operation of a gallery space.


Rowan Adamson

Rowan is a design historian and researcher with a BA in Textile Design from Grays School of Arts and an MA in the History of Design and Material Culture from the University of Brighton. Grounded in design and craft principles, she is interested in using archival material as creative inspiration, memory, and historical textile practices. Working at the gallery she hopes to learn and grow her curatorial practice and engage more in the Scottish art sector.


Past Interns

Rowan Duffy – Mwitwa Chisela – Zara Smith – Ren Kilpatrick – Sally Jennings – Malfalda Checco – Charley Miller – Jean Ash – Ballari-May Conner – Kirsty Walker – Natasha Peebles

Jessica Lucas – Samantha Jackson – Annie King – Pola Mazus – Emily Kenny – Megan Queenan – Amy Iona – Jordan Raivel – Neil Simpson – Zane Drees – Jacqueline Scorgie – Kathleen Crilly – Iona McGeachie – Jessica Gentleman – Sophie Minervini – Maya Buechner – Rose Berry – Aimee Haldane – Lois Langmead – Lara Dingemans – Suri Park – Matilde Mosterts de Banfield – Bianca Callegaro – Alana Dunion – Alex Lauder

Volunteer At Six Foot Gallery

Our team is currently full! Check back here at a later date for opportunities.