Best of Degree Show: Maria Cesa

Maria Cesa

Over the years, Maria Cesa has focused on exploring the theme of portraiture within a contemporary context.

Throughout her time at The Glasgow School of Art, Cesa’s body of work was made up of mostly acrylic and oil; however during her final year at GSA she began to move towards collage in order to abstract her pieces further. Using personal photographs as a source, Cesa experiments with both painting directly from an image or a collage, created using a selection of images.

Cesa has learned that rather than re-creating portraits to exact detail, she should also aim to capture the essence.  When materials react and come together in unexpected ways, Maria Cesa finds her work takes on a new direction, leading to new discoveries.

In the past four years Cesa feels she has grown as a painter.  Learning new skills and experimenting with various techniques, she has grown in confidence.  She hopes to continue developing these skills in the future.

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