Best of Degree Show: Mhairi MacLeod


Mhairi MacLeod’s work is informed by her frustration at the portrayal of the female form in traditional fine art practice.  She feels that women have been presented in a way that makes male dominance and female subordination seem attractive.  This has caused MacLeod to challenge this traditional view of acceptable art in her own conceptual art practice.

During her time at Glasgow School of Art, MacLeod has produced an array of work embodying sculptural installation, photography, and painting, relating to ideas of sexism and objectification of the female body. Since graduating she has continued to work with similar conceptual ideas, developing her practice and her interest in the subject of existence.  By creating a sensory exploration of the body, MacLeod creates an abstract language developed through personal and intimate experience, enabling her to subvert reality and explore the abstract idea of existence, the physical and the metaphysical.

Alongside exhibiting at Six Foot Gallery, Mhairi is also working with various artists and collectives.  She has upcoming exhibitions at the CCA, The Old Hairdressers and Glue Factory.

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