THE SIX FOOT GALLERY INTERVIEW: Unknown Errors + Yexa Rivero

Hi Yexa! What was your starting point for exploring the theme of What Do People Make of Glasgow?
The starting point for the exhibition was to provide an open platform for people to question, champion and process their feelings about Glasgow. We wanted to provide a space for the community to take an honest look at both the good and bad of Glasgow and create work to inspire positive change and debate.

Can you walk us through your creative process? How did your artistic journey start?

I guess first of all, we should explain that behind our platform, Unknown Errors, are Yexabel and Ophelia. We’re a team of two based in Glasgow who are trying to champion the creative communities within the city. 

We’re both creative people, with individual journeys and avenues of artistic exploration. The idea for the platform, however, first started during the Covid era. Struggling to cope with lockdown, Ophelia came up with the idea of creating a space for creatives to discuss failings and anxieties, which materialised in the platform Lean on Weans. Her goal with that group was to create a safe non-judgemental environment to share issues whether they be directly linked to practice/work or not. It was a reaction to a resource she felt it was needed, but couldn’t find within the community.

From there, the idea of Unknown Errors began. A platform for these common issues within the creative community to be discussed with the goal of generating some positive momentum towards change.

First materialised through a series of talk events with panellists and Q&As, we decided we wanted to switch things up a bit and set up an exhibition to engage with the artistic community more closely. Thinking about the platform we are and where we’re based, we thought it would be interesting to set up an exhibition to discuss & reflect what we have here in our city. We are very much learning as we go along and are very grateful to be a platform for so many amazing people!

Who influences you? Which other artists work do you love? 
Community spaces around Glasgow is where we get our inspiration from. We want to support the culture we have here in our city, so we learn from those groups which already exist – spaces such as Radio Buena Vida and Glasgow Zine, but also existing support and networking groups like Design Weans.

What advice would you give to artists who are just starting out?

We could say we’re both very much starting as artists ourselves! From our perspective, the best advice would be to take the step and put yourself out there. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect, or how you had it in mind. We learn through making mistakes (as we’ve encountered a few times!) so just go ahead and do your thing. 🙂

You can find more information about us on instagram, our handle is @unknown_errors__

Unknown Errors runs at Six Foot Gallery until 19th September 2023.

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