Tracy Macmillan, a North Glasgow native, is a seasoned designer specialising in graphics and fashion. Her creative journey thrives on immersing in cherished places, with nature’s intricate details inspiring bold patterns. The Scottish Highlands, a source of ancestral pride, influences her canvas images – windswept coastlines and whimsical Kilmory scenes, showcasing both technical skill and Scottish humour. Tracy’s designs extend beyond canvases to wearable art like clutch bags, each piece narrating a tale that intertwines design expertise, appreciation for nature, and a deep connection to Scottish heritage. Through her creations, Tracy aims to share the beauty, history, and imagination embedded in every meticulously crafted piece.

How did your artistic journey start? 
My artistic journey began in the nurturing embrace of my mother, who painted with me tirelessly. With fashion plates and dolls as my canvas, I cultivated my skills, earning accolades at school and achieving straight A’s. Now, my art has evolved into wearable masterpieces, from clutch bags to bomber jackets, inspired by the patterns of nature worldwide—explore them on my website.

What do you do to keep motivated and interested in your work?
Motivation flows from my passion for nature’s beauty; I find design inspiration in the tapestry of sunsets and the ever-changing seasons. The MulticulturAlba theme resonates deeply, mirroring the unity among friends from diverse backgrounds, bound by Scotland’s rich history.

What advice would you give to artists who are just starting out? 
To budding artists: persist, believe, and experiment tirelessly to discover your unique voice. Art, like beauty, is subjective and found in the eyes of the beholder.

What emotions or reactions do you hope viewers experience when they see your artwork?My hope is for viewers to smile and appreciate the ever-changing weather, witnessing the beauty of landscapes and the profound history embedded in our ancestral lands.

What do you do to keep motivated and interested in your work?
My motivation and interest in my work stem from observing patterns in nature daily. The vibrant colours that surround me serve as constant inspiration, igniting my creativity and driving me to create. I get excited when I visualise a design in my head.

Will your next project be a continuation of your current style or are you experimenting with something?
Excitingly, my upcoming projects involve crafting wearable works of art, such as unique clutch bags on artists’ canvas. Each piece will showcase graphics inspired by places and patterns rich in history, transformed into contemporary memories.

See Tracy’s work at our first Open Call of the year, MulticulturAlba, running at Six Foot Gallery until Thursday 14th March 2023. You can also find her on Instagram @punkster_design

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