Six Foot Gallery is delighted to present its annual spring show, Awakenings, featuring twenty-seven artists working in a diverse range of mediums and disciplines including sculpture, soundscapes, textiles, collage, video, woodturning, jewellery, photography, screenprinting, performance, and painting.

Scott S Simpson (born in Aberdeen) is an award-winning painter based in Alloa, Scotland.  He graduated from Grays School of Art RGU. His drawings and paintings are, at the fundamental level, based on nature and seeing the world at a walking pace to produce work that is poetic, archaeological and full of intrigue and contemplation. His concerns are broad ranging from the nature of reality and metaphysics to the environment and society and politics.  Dreams and the subconscious are an important part of his work. He enjoys drawing in its many forms from small scale and intricate pencil productions to large and expressive charcoal drawings.  He has exhibited at the RSA, SSA and Aberdeen Artist Society on several occasions. Currently, Scott is returning to paint in an expressive style which complements his walking thoughts as well as invoking an energy and emotion to the places he visits, often out of the way places or seemingly ordinary scenes that might hide an unseen narrative.

Hi Scott! How did your artistic journey start?
In 2004 I had a period of time after school when I was struggling with my thoughts and depression.  It took a while but after a particularly crazy experience on a typical night out I knew I wanted to try and become a painter.  I applied to do a foundation course at Aberdeen College that week.

How did you arrive at the theme of your work?
The theme of my work is generally ‘walking’.  It may not sound like much but I believe that seeing the world at a walking pace is a fundamental truth to our experiences.  It took a lot of thinking and a rewritten dissertation to realise how important walking/thinking is to creativity.

Can you walk us through your creative process?
Generally, I go for a walk.  It can be anywhere, it can be planned, it can be hours through the Cairngorms or just round the block.  I keep my eyes open and stay alert to anything that could be an image.

How has your practice changed over time?
I started off as a more expressive type of artist using bright vivid colours to convey emotion in a very primitive way, which still exists from time to time, but is now more considered.  I still favour loose or energetic styles. For a while, I explored realism and tight intricate drawing as well but have returned to a more expressive interpretation of my ideas.  

Which artists inspire you? Are there non-artistic influences such as literature or music that impact your work?
Too many to mention in terms of artists, I see merit in all sorts.  I think the great thing about creatives is that everything can be an influence.  But Tom Weir is up there.

What challenges did you experience during the creation of your work and how did you overcome them?
I have experienced a few changes in style over the years before finding this one (which in a lot of ways is a return to this style).  I think it’s a process of many combined circumstances and trial and error.  I’ve produced over 50 works in this style so far so it is becoming more comfortable to paint this way.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about your work or your experiences as an artist?
I’m not rich and I’m not happy.  But I’ll go on as long as I can.  Take joy where you can and try not to hurt your fellow life forms on this planet, all energy is merely borrowed.

Are there any upcoming events or additional information you would like the audience to know?
You can visit me at my studio at Limetree House in Alloa if you are interested in my work, message me on Instagram to arrange a visit.  I’m taking part in the Royal Scottish Academy Annual in Edinburgh as well this year which runs 11th May- 16th June.  

You can find out more about Scott and his work on Instagram @scottshamsimpson Awakenings runs at Six Foot Gallery until Friday 24th May.

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