Kavitha Kumar, originally from India, made her journey to this country in 2006. Nestled in the company of her husband and two adored boys, she leads a fulfilling life. Professionally, Kavitha serves as a Lead Cloud Security Analyst, while her artistic body of work includes a diverse range of mediums, from pen and ink to watercolour and oils.

Hi Kavi! How did your artistic journey start?
My artistic journey began in 2010 when I enrolled in a short course that opened the door to a world of creativity. Since then, creating art has been a continuous and fulfilling part of my life.

A longstanding member of the Neilston Art Club, I’ve found a welcoming and inspiring community within its walls. The club has become a nurturing space, fostering not only my artistic skills but also my passion for self-expression.

My art book is more than just a sketchbook—it’s a constant companion that travels with me everywhere. From spontaneous sketches to capturing the essence of daily life, my art book is a visual diary that holds the stories of my creative evolution.

What’s your favourite piece in the exhibition?
My favourite piece in this exhibition is ”The Majestic Elephant” artwork; its captivating simplicity, with minimal distractions, renders it a perfect masterpiece in my eyes.

Has your practice changed over time?
Yes, it has definitely changed after years of practice, creating patterns has become second nature to me. I no longer need to measure them, as each repetitive pattern seems to flow effortlessly. Through the amalgamation of these patterns, the outcome consistently improves and evolves, resulting in a unique creation every time.

How do you overcome creative blocks?
Regrettably, creativity eludes me during low periods. Rather than succumbing to stress, I grant myself the necessary time and patiently seek inspiration. There are times when I can produce four pieces in a week and others where months pass without creating any, and that’s perfectly acceptable to me.

What advice would you give to artists who are just starting out?
To budding artists, I’d like to emphasize that improvement comes with time and practice. Continuously create and experiment fearlessly. Don’t hesitate to take risks, even if there’s a concern it might alter your painting—embracing these challenges often leads to unexpected beauty. Most importantly, relish the artistic journey, and take pride in your work.

Kavitha Kumar’s exhibit runs at Six Foot Gallery until March 1st 2024.

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