Joe is a deaf mixed-media artist aiming to promote inclusivity and accessibility through art. In the Saturate Your Mind exhibition, Joe is showcasing a series of works that use tactile mediums and hidden imagery.

Hi Joe! Can you tell us how your practice has changed over time?
My practice has changed a great deal. I’ve grown as a person and my art practice has reflected that through discovering where my skills lie and how I can continue to pursue that development.

How do you overcome creative blocks?
Sometimes I step away and start a new project. I’ll go back to previous work if I’m ready with a fresh perspective. Sometimes overcoming a creative block is as simple as listening to music, walking the dogs, or taking a longer break; it depends on my mindset in that time frame.

What do you do to keep motivated and interested in your work?
Good question! Sometimes I do it naturally when I’m interested in a topic and have to get the ideas out – even if it’s 4am! Regular breaks, and keeping a balance with art/life is helpful too as it can throw off my motivation and creativity.

Will your next project be a continuation of your current style or are you experimenting with something different? Can you share a glimpse of your next project?
I am continuing to push 3D elements of my work to keep it accessible and inclusive to all by allowing people to enjoy artwork through tactile means. I’m currently in the development stage so I can’t show my next work just yet, however it uses similar techniques to those I’m using at the moment, though it tackles a different subject matter.

See Joe’s work at our HND Showcase, Saturate Your Mind, running at Six Foot Gallery until Thursday 9th May 2024. You can also find his on Instagram @undeafinedjoe

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