Coleen McGinley is an abstract artist based in Glasgow. She is currently completing the 4th year of her BA (Hons) degree in Painting at Edinburgh College of Art, and also studied Creative printmaking at City of Glasgow College. 

How do you typically approach your creative process from initial inspiration to the completion of your artwork?
I typically approach my work by starting with something ordinary and unassuming and then transforming it into something unfamiliar. There’s a lot of beauty in the mundane everyday and so within my practice, I try to celebrate the ordinaries of the human experience. Art has this incredible transformative power, and so through experimentation we can find beauty and meaning in our surroundings. 

How do you overcome creative blocks?
Dealing with creative block, the only way to get over it is to create. It is important to create for fun and enjoyment, with no outcome in mind. Simply scribbling or drawing what you see will help get your groove back. I’ve found that trying new materials or techniques takes the pressure off, simply see it as experimenting and not needing to create something specific. 

What advice would you give to artists who are just starting out?
My advice to someone just starting out is to be experimental. Don’t put any pressure on yourself and enjoy yourself! There’s no need to put yourself in a box and simply be one thing. Try different mediums, different subjects and find what works for you. It is important to stay consistent, with practice comes improvement and self-discovery.

How did you arrive at the theme of your exhibition?
The theme of my work is dictated by my interests at the time. In the past I have dealt with tangable ordinary materials to create a new experience.  However recently I am exploring our relationship with music and the transportative qualities shared by both music and art. 

Are there intentional connections or contrasts between each artists’ work in this group show?
I feel that the three of us share the same love for painting and experimentation. Even though our subject matter may differ we all share the same love for painting and the idea that an art practice can be fun and experimental whilst still exploring interesting subject matter. 

SeeSaw runs at Six Foot Gallery until Friday 5th April. See more of Coleen work on Instagram

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