THE SIX FOOT GALLERY INTERVIEW: Chloe Revie (Saturate Your Mind)

Chloe Revie is an artist working in acrylic and watercolour, whose work focuses on capturing moments that can quickly devolve into a state of change and decay.

Hi Chloe! How did your artistic journey start?
When I was younger, I often found myself drawing characters from cartoon shows I liked which sparked my enjoyment and interest of art.

How has your practice changed over time?
At the start of my practice I only used pencils to sketch things that caught my attention but over time I went on to teach myself painting skills. When I was able to buy myself art supplies, I found joy in portraiture and creating art based on my own experiences.

What challenges did you experience during the creation of your work and how did you overcome them?
I often find myself hating what I produce and struggle with comparing myself to others. It makes me feel like my art isn’t anything great or special, and I’ve destroyed what I’ve made more times I can count. I do my best to push those thoughts aside. Engaging with classmates the last year has helped my confidence as it’s encouraging to engage with others in the same boat.

See Chloe Revie’s work at our HND Showcase, Saturate Your Mind, running at Six Foot Gallery until Thursday 9th May 2024 You can also find her on Instagram @chloes.artspace

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