Ainsley’s work is intuitive, consisting of combinations of ink washes, acrylic, watercolour paints, and found materials. The compositions are carefully considered collections of these mediums that gradually come together over longer periods of time before they are considered to be complete. The process at play in her work is to imagine a place that is synchronised with a feeling of inner tranquillity, in reaction to outward environmental factors that can bring overwhelming stimuli. A therapeutic approach that also aims to examine the role of the ‘artist’s hand’ in the making; its absence and presence, the contradiction of making brush marks and then actively trying to remove all trace of them.

Hi Ainsley! Can you walk us through your creative process?
My creative process takes place in multiple ways and is not linear. It takes place in the form of looking, drawing, reacting, collecting and experimenting. Ideally I will have everything I think I may need at hand while working on a project, so I can get completely immersed in the experience of creating. My work is ongoing; it is intuitive and greatly varies in size and material. I experiment with acrylic mediums, ink washes, watercolour, natural and found objects, and gathered material that I accumulate over time. I work in layers and on several pieces at once, often returning to them many times before they are considered finished.

How do you overcome creative blocks?
I find it difficult, and hard to overcome. When this happens I do everything else but create. Clean my studio, organise my materials, prime canvases, take down old work and display things that need my attention. I will subconsciously work through the creative block while performing these other tasks.

What emotions or reactions do you hope viewers experience when they see your artwork?
I am an escapist who finds themselves in a state of constant sensory overload. Bombarded with noise and sensory input, my outward environment constantly demands my attention. My creative process allows me to focus and relieves me of this alarmed state, filtering my over-stimulated senses and emotions. It allows me to escape within myself and enjoy some peace and visual silence. This is the feeling I hope to convey to the viewer, the paintings can be consumed, to give a sense of peace and an escape from anxiety or stress.

Which artists inspire you?
I am inspired by so many artists! And I love consuming their work, and finding new inspiration all of the time. I am inspired by my friends who are artists, by nature, by music and by ideas.

Overflow runs at Six Foot Gallery until Tuesday 23rd April. You can see more of Ainsley’s work on her Instagram @wainsley93.

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