Best of Degree Show: Melanie Wiksell

Melanie Wiksell finds in death, an imagery that she wants to exploit and explore to its limits. She aims to distort life with surreal and uncanny elements and draws inspiration from the occult, rituals, the sublime, and mythologies. One of her central interest within these themes, is how people decorate pain. After three years at TheContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Melanie Wiksell”

Best of Degree Show: Alana Stewart

Studying Contemporary Art Practice, Alana Stewart has spent the past four years exploring the various disciplines within fine art. The freedom to explore has allowed Stewart to develop her knowledge and skills, particularly printmaking. She is inspired by Scottish tradition, culture and stereotypical motifs and these themes have become more apparent throughout her four years.Continue reading “Best of Degree Show: Alana Stewart”

Best of Degree Show: Mauri Ann Beardshaw

Mauri Ann Beardshaw is a recent BA graduate of Jewellery Design and Related Products from the Birmingham School of Jewellery. She was encouraged to take an experimental approach to designing and making contemporary jewellery and objects. Beardshaw has always been interested in science and the natural world. Her current collection is inspired by diatoms thatContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Mauri Ann Beardshaw”

Best of Degree Show: Kim Simpson

Graduating from the City of Glasgow College with a BA (Hons) Photography, Kim Simpson’s dissertation presented a visual exploration of the visual norm and highlighted the inequality present in the west. These ideas form part of her ongoing personal project entitled Exottish. Exottish deals with themes of exoticism, identity and visual stereotypes faced by non caucasian individualsContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Kim Simpson”

Best of Degree Show: Elena Mary Harris

Elena May Harris gets to know the places she lives in by situating her art practice in relation to the history of the city. She makes objects that reminisce to the familiar: the domestic. Harris works with communities and social groups as a way to build relationships through skill transfer and conversation and uses materials andContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Elena Mary Harris”

Best of Degree Show: Georgia Galloway

Using vibrant colours and various media Galloway creates atmospheric works which provide cultural and social commentaries. Her style is varied, sometimes refined and at other times more abstract and expressive with the idea to incite and encourage contemplation and rapport. The rich and varied course the City of Glasgow College presents allowed Galloway to growContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Georgia Galloway”

Best of Degree Show: Lesley Finlayson

Lesley Finlayson has been developing her body of work by looking at the landscape in non representational ways and by breaking free from traditional conceptions. She abstracts the imagery to create something new, which requires the viewer to engage with the work – challenging them to look at  and interpret it individually. Her time at the City of GlasgowContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Lesley Finlayson”

Best of Degree Show: Joanne Dawson

“The best thing I learnt from art school is to value your peers and be a support network for one another. You’ll end up learning thorough them.” Joanne is interested by the ‘things’ we engage with in ordinary situations. Everydayness being subverted by foregrounding its support – how it is encountered contextually and in theContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Joanne Dawson”

Best of Degree Show: Sue McMillan

Graduating as a degree student of Contemporary Art Practice, Sue McMillan found her time at the City of Glasgow College rewarding, exciting, and at times rather challenging. She believes that the vast experiences she has gained, with the support and guidance from her peers and tutors, will continue to aid her future creative practice. McMillan’sContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Sue McMillan”

Best of Degree Show: Rosanna Lee

Rosanna Lee arranges and manipulates objects in order to create abstract sculptural compositions that draw attention to the detail and formal qualities of the materials and their dialogue with the architectural features of the site. She explores how sculpture can be understood in terms of the human body, gesturing towards the possibility for the workContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Rosanna Lee”