Best of Degree Show: Mauri Ann Beardshaw

Mauri Ann Beardshaw is a recent BA graduate of Jewellery Design and Related Products from the Birmingham School of Jewellery. She was encouraged to take an experimental approach to designing and making contemporary jewellery and objects.

Beardshaw has always been interested in science and the natural world. Her current collection is inspired by diatoms that she has collected and studied with her microscope. This species of plankton have a protective silica shell made from two interlocking halves that are intricately detailed with pores to filtrate nutrients.

Using saw pierced metal and laser cut acrylic, Bearshaw’s¬†bright silver containers and brooches explore diatoms exquisite layers of detail depth and pattern. With the addition of warm glowing elements she¬†strives to intrigue the viewer and celebrate the microscopic wonders beyond human vision. She intends to further develop her collection in sterling silver with the ambition of exhibiting her work in more galleries.