Kavitha Kumar

Diverse Cultural Illustration | February 13th – March 1st 2024
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Kavitha’s artistic journey thrives at the intersection of Scottish charm and Indian vibrancy. By merging Scottish architecture and scenic landscapes with the finesse of Indian art forms like mandala and Henna art, she creates pieces that resonate with a diverse cultural harmony.

Nature is Kavi’s muse – wildlife, sunsets, architecture, and the allure of Scotland’s Munros inspire her creations. For Kavi, art is not just a skill but a therapeutic journey, a means of expression that has the power to heal.

Art, to me, is not just about what I create; it’s a reflection of the beauty that surrounds us and the joy that comes from sharing it with the world.

Kavitha Kumar

Kavi’s body of work includes a diverse range of mediums, from pen and ink to watercolour and oils. What truly sets her work apart is her experimentation with different materials, whether it’s canvas, paper, walls, furniture, or even t-shirts, each surface becomes a canvas for her creative exploration.

You can read more about Kavi’s work and practice on our blog.


Kavitha Kumar, originally from India, made her journey to this country in 2006. Nestled in the company of her husband and two adored boys, she leads a fulfilling life. Professionally, Kavitha serves as a Lead Cloud Security Analyst, navigating the intricacies of cybersecurity with skill and dedication. Beyond the realms of technology, she finds solace and joy in leisurely walks along picturesque trails like the West Highland Way and Rob Roy Way. Hiking is not just a pastime but a passion for Kavitha, evidenced by her conquest of 15 Munros – a testament to her adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors.

Join Kavi and Six Foot Gallery on this visual voyage where cultures collide, and artistic expressions find their voice.