9th March – 9th April



The exhibition comprises of surreal and colourful artworks on canvas and card in varying sizes. The title refers to Morris’ mental health and the positive effect ‘excessive sleeping’ has on the imagination.

“Maybe it is okay to sleep for 15 hours if I create something bizarre because of it. Each piece tells a different story but were all created in a very expressive and fluid artistic process using pro-markers and POSCA pens, so visually they are all as striking and eye-catching as each other.

I often create ‘in the moment’, letting my sub-conscious flow through. As an example,It’s Waking Up depicts a huge ‘King Worm’ arising from its slumber in a deep, dark cave. In This Is Not What Was Meant For You, a faceless girl is confronted by a disembodied head and a series of floating platforms. I believe my ‘imagination art’ to hold deep, psychological meaning that is different for everyone, and hope to evoke conversation and fascination through dream-like chaos”


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Eilidh Morris was one of the many talented artists who were part of our group exhibition 2018 Showcase, and we are extremely excited to have them back for their very own solo show!
Be sure to check out more of Morris’ work by following these links:

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