Portals: Lea Cummings

Lea Cummings‘ upcoming exhibition of a series of works at Six Foot Gallery in Glasgow, running from the 2nd of October 2014 until the 23rd, Portals, may be anticipated as the explosive expression of exactly that which it promises; a multi-sensory journey through the portals of the human subconscious. Portals one can only hope to be as fascinatingly unique as Cummings’ previous exhibition “Cosmic Fields of endless possibilities” at the Southbank Centre by the Thames held at the beginning of September. An ‘Unlimited’ commission under the aegis of ‘Creative Scotland’ and developed through Project Ability’s ReConnect programme, the series of artworks for the Southbank exhibition were presented as products of meditative state and an attempt to tap into the collective subconscious through existential chaos, noise and distortion. A tall order; the translation of a higher and, remarkably so, of a shared, spiritual reality hints on Cummings’ primal creative intuition, freed from the “prison of five-sense reality”. The Glasgow-based artist’s previous work and experimentation in various media, such as sound, performance, drawing, computer animation, film and collage shines in this marriage of bold, often fluorescent, colours and raw shapes reminiscent of ethnographic art  with vibrant childhood drawing narratives and styles. Throughout his work, it seems as if he has imposed on his own creativity a naivety which, however, one perceives can only ever come from a deeper understanding of the themes and reality stimuli he is tackling, with just pen and paper. Deliberately returning to the vulnerability and buoyant innocence of childhood Cummings is not reduced to mere negation of his experiences as an adult but underlines exactly the realities hindering the kind of higher spiritual creativity and expression his work is aspiring to; social isolation and the hectic consumer capitalist culture and post-modern conformism.

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