Botanical Exhibition Review

The “Six Foot Gallery” had its botanical themed exhibition finally bloom on Monday 2nd March. With the dark, dreich Winter months finally starting to progress into Spring, it was a relevant and refreshing collection to represent this transition of seasons.

The exhibition features a varied and complimentary selection of works from artists Jane MacFarlane, Dorothy Allan, Tricia Moretti and of course our Gallery Director Clare Crines. The night proved to blossom nicely with a positive reception, there was a good turnout of quests who arrived with a lot of friendly feedback and socialising.

The artistic pieces from both MacFarlane and Allan give off a vibe that is soothing and nostalgic. The pastel colours along with the delicate detailing is a perfect presentation of Springtime. The is a strong scent of familiarity and comfort which could make the viewer feel they have like they have just sprouted into a childhood tale or memory.


Moving over towards the works of Moretti and Crines which give out a style that has a more whimsical and surrealist scent. Moretti use of cooler shades and coiling motions give off a vibe that is more 20150303_101309
haunting, along with a message of transformation. The work of Crines involves some very sharp imagery and bold colours, her creations literally in “full bloom” with a more edgy essence.

All of the creations by each of those four artists compliment each other perfectly. The contrast of all the different styles and colours is what creates the dynamic atmosphere. The works will still be exhibiting in the gallery until the 23rd of March, so there is still time to come and view this flourishing representation of the cyclical four seasons.

Botanical Exhibition

Joanna Gifford

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