Best of Degree Show: Lesley Conlan

lesley conlan

As Lesley Conlan has progressed through art school it has allowed her to realise her potential and what she wants to pursue in the future. It took her till the start of the last semester of her final year to realise she loved using CAD to create her work. Her inspiration has always stemmed from her family and the sense of heritage and values. Her graduate collection ‘Prisma’ has been influenced by her grandfather’s construction days as a roofer.  Using the old technical draft booklets handed down to her, she virtually constructed Prisma. The use of sterling silver tubing, rubber cord and steel wires assemble the 3D printed bronze infused steel pieces with a sense of heavy structures being craned into place. Lesley now looks to develop her designs into a diffusion range and to improve her skills within 3D CAD as well as branch into surface pattern design.

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