Best of Degree Show: Daniel Donelly

Daniel Donelly has spent the last year of his four year Contemporary Art Practice degree specialising in painting.  He wanted to explore conceptual ideas in his coursework. Daniel created digital experiments in Photoshop as a starting point, painting the results of this process.  He primarily uses Artisan water based oil paints on paper treated with linseed oil.
Daniel has had the good fortune of access to studios for many years now. This benefitted him during his experience at The City of Glasgow College, as it prepared him in using his space to the best possible effect.  He was also able to put the hours in, for his painting, staying late and attending during college breaks. Daniel enjoyed the space also because of the interaction with other budding artists and the important interaction with his tutors.
Daniel is now arranging for continued practice, working towards an exhibition at a gallery, as well as his involvement in Best of Degree Show.  A recent City of Glasgow College graduate, Daniel intends to apply to Glasgow School of Art for a masters.  His interests have been shaped by his five year degree course and he now remains interested in conceptual art using traditional means of paint and canvas. Daniel also intends to use practices such as sculpture, including wood carving, writing and reading to further his knowledge of art as it stands. His next exhibition involves portraiture of historic figures that he can relate to in a modern way.

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