11th May – 8th June Floorplan and Pricelist With somewhat otherworldly land/icescapes the artist explores the fragile yet steadfast nature of the world. The artwork walks the line between the calm and the chaotic, questioning how we can view the world in such an oppositional way. Whereby, she creates a consensus with two completely divergingContinue reading “ICESCAPE // LOUISE MONTGOMERY”


6th October – 16th November FLOOR PLAN AND PRICE LIST   Beyond Light “This latest body of work aims to explore symbolically, both the outer political, social and cultural landscapes of our time, as well as the inner landscapes of the human psyche. These landscapes are painted intuitively and without any pre-editing, orContinue reading “BEYOND LIGHT // ANNE-MARIE PINKERTON”


4th September – 5th October   ‘Tradeston R.I.P.’ “As a photographer, the Tradeston area of Glasgow interests me very much. Tradeston is bounded by the River Clyde to the north, the Glasgow to Paisley railway line to the south, Eglinton Street and Bridge Street to the east and West Street to the west. TheContinue reading “TRADESTON R.I.P. // ALASTAIR JACKSON”