Best of Degree Show: Alana Stewart

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Studying Contemporary Art Practice, Alana Stewart has spent the past four years exploring the various disciplines within fine art. The freedom to explore has allowed Stewart to develop her knowledge and skills, particularly printmaking. She is inspired by Scottish tradition, culture and stereotypical motifs and these themes have become more apparent throughout her four years.

On graduating Stewart was awarded the 2015 Glasgow Print Studio Prize. Using the facilities available at the studio she plans to spend the next year producing a new professional body of work and further developing her printmaking skills.

Best of Degree Show: Kim Simpson

Graduating from the City of Glasgow College with a BA (Hons) Photography, Kim Simpson’s dissertation presented a visual exploration of the visual norm and highlighted the inequality present in the west. These ideas form part of her ongoing personal project entitled Exottish. Exottish deals with themes of exoticism, identity and visual stereotypes faced by non caucasian individuals in Scottish society. Inspiration for this work is her own personal experience of raising her daughter, who is of mixed race, living in Scotland.

Visually addressing this societal problem Simpson aims to raise awareness of the specific issues that non caucasian or mixed caucasian individuals go through growing up in or living in Scotland. She wants to evoke discussion and make people think and believes that this is the only way that racial ignorance can be overcome.

Best of Degree Show: Georgia Galloway

Lesley Finlayson 2 BOD 2015

Using vibrant colours and various media Galloway creates atmospheric works which provide cultural and social commentaries. Her style is varied, sometimes refined and at other times more abstract and expressive with the idea to incite and encourage contemplation and rapport.

The rich and varied course the City of Glasgow College presents allowed Galloway to grow both personally and professionally through guidance and support from experienced professionals. The expansion of her visual language, whilst studying, has enabled her to evolve and adapt her own creative practice and she holds future plans to assist others in developing theirs.

Best of Degree Show: Lesley Finlayson

Lesley Finlayson has been developing her body of work by looking at the landscape in non representational ways and by breaking free from traditional conceptions. She abstracts the imagery to create something new, which requires the viewer to engage with the work – challenging them to look at  and interpret it individually.

Her time at the City of Glasgow College allowed her to come in contact and communicate with a variety of lecturers, all specialising in their own field. Their words and advice helped her consider different ideas and perspectives as well as pushing her work in new directions.

For her future, she plans on continuing with her volunteering roles in order to gain further experience in organising and teaching art. She will also focus on expanding her knowledge about different mediums, for example by learning new printmaking techniques, develop existing ones and further explore the concept of the landscape.


Lesley Finlayson 2 BOD 2015


Lesley Finlayson BOD 2015

Best of Degree Show: Sue McMillan

Graduating as a degree student of Contemporary Art Practice, Sue McMillan found her time at the City of Glasgow College rewarding, exciting, and at times rather challenging. She believes that the vast experiences she has gained, with the support and guidance from her peers and tutors, will continue to aid her future creative practice.

McMillan’s work is varied and often holds reference to domesticity and secrecy. Using a diverse range of media to create work allows her to experiment and it is this chance element that she particularly enjoys. Consciously choosing to work in multiple layers helps to conceal or reveal subtle clues as to the context of her work.

McMillan aims to continue as a visual artist working both within the community and her own studio. She will soon be undertaking voluntary work, helping others in creative activities and gaining new valuable experiences.