BEST OF DEGREE SHOW 2017 at Six Foot Gallery 1st July 2017 – 30th July 2017 Six Foot Gallery is delighted to present the 2017 edition of our annual BEST OF DEGREE SHOW. The exhibition features the work of graduating artists, handpicked from Scotland’s leading art institutions. Artworks range across a variety of themes andContinue reading “BEST OF DEGREE SHOW 2017”

Fionnuala McGowan – Fold, Crumple, Crease.

Fold, Crumple, Crease. Fionnuala McGowan Solo Exhibition – 17th – 31st March Preview – Thursday 17th – 6-8pm Fionnuala’s practice explores the tension between three-dimensional and two-dimensional forms and their roles in altering our spatial perception. Using a combination of print and sculpture, raw materials and photographic images, the artist encourages the viewer to question how they interactContinue reading “Fionnuala McGowan – Fold, Crumple, Crease.”

Hannah Laycock: Artist in Residence

“’How do you feel?’ ‘How do I feel?’ He repeated, and scratched his head. ‘I cannot say I feel ill. But I cannot say I feel well. I cannot say I feel anything at all.’” * Photographer Hannah Laycock spent ten years living in London and Brighton.  Since returning to Scotland, she has taken upContinue reading “Hannah Laycock: Artist in Residence”

Best of Degree Show: Melanie Wiksell

Melanie Wiksell finds in death, an imagery that she wants to exploit and explore to its limits. She aims to distort life with surreal and uncanny elements and draws inspiration from the occult, rituals, the sublime, and mythologies. One of her central interest within these themes, is how people decorate pain. After three years at TheContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Melanie Wiksell”

Best of Degree Show: Lesley Finlayson

Lesley Finlayson has been developing her body of work by looking at the landscape in non representational ways and by breaking free from traditional conceptions. She abstracts the imagery to create something new, which requires the viewer to engage with the work – challenging them to look at  and interpret it individually. Her time at the City of GlasgowContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Lesley Finlayson”

Best of Degree Show: Joanne Dawson

“The best thing I learnt from art school is to value your peers and be a support network for one another. You’ll end up learning thorough them.” Joanne is interested by the ‘things’ we engage with in ordinary situations. Everydayness being subverted by foregrounding its support – how it is encountered contextually and in theContinue reading “Best of Degree Show: Joanne Dawson”

Artist in Residence 2014 – Jen Bradley

Congratulations to Jen Bradley who is this years first talented winner of our Artist in Residence Programme. She will be joining us for the first of two programmes this year and we look forward to welcoming her to Glasgow and our gallery.