SeeSaw: Coleen McGinley, Chloe Hamill, and Lisa Bonner

March 15th – April 5th 2024
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Seesaw is an exhibition of works by artists Coleen McGinley, Chloe Hamill and Lisa Bonner exploring the playful and fun nature of the artistic process. Each artist’s work explores differing themes and ideas whilst all sharing the same belief that the process of making should be experimental and playful. Coleen, Chloe, and Lisa strive to find the joy in developing artworks, and understand that through experimenting, unexpected things can happen that turn out better than you could imagine. All three artists share a love for painting and how it can be used to explore their interests and push their practices.


Chloe Hamill
Chloe Hamill is a painter who experiments in various mediums including photography, mixed media, and sculpture. Her work is based on the human experience, and explores themes of grief and anxiety. She creates paintings that are emotional and energetic, usings abstract shapes to capture the viewer’s eye as others can form imagery through this. Her intentions for her work are to express her own inner conflicts, knowing this could be reciprocated by the viewers.

Something New by Chloe Hamill

Her colour palette is orchestrated to provoke emotion from the underpainting to the final layer; colours engage with the figures in a powerful manner, each holding a different sentiment. Warm and cold tones melt together to show the complications of the human experience, particularly those tinged with anxiety. Anxiety causes physical symptoms and can cause the sufferer to feel isolated or ill, and Chloe explores this in much of her work.

Chloe studied Fine Art for five years through college and university and has spent many years forming her art style, working best when engaging with her nervous system. Working mostly intuitively, Chloe’s art is truly a reflection of her self.

Lisa Bonner
Lisa Bonner is a multi-disciplinary artist from Glasgow. She is a recent BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice graduate from City of Glasgow College, and was also an intern here at Six Foot Gallery – we’re very proud to be exhibiting her work! Working mainly with painting, sculpture, light/shadow projections, printmaking and digital arts, Lisa’s works touch on themes of consumerism, over-consumption, technology, colour theory, perception, and experimentation.

Blur by Lisa Bonner

Lisa enjoys the element of experimenting with different materials and processes within her practice. Recently, she has been exploring why technology commodities have a built-in obsolescence and how our over-reliance on technology has changed the ways in which we interact with each other and the world, from facing artificial lights and tech screens every day how we perceive our realities through effects and manipulations.

Using and experimenting with different ways of painting is a big part of Lisa’s practice. What makes a painting a painting? Does it have to hang flat on a wall or could it stand on its own, for instance? Lisa tests out different ways of using colour, whether through painting, sculpture or light projections to give a sense of bright, fluorescent familiarity, to reflect our luminous digital-led world. This experimentation reflects the playfulness of what Seesaw examines: the artistic process itself.

Coleen McGinley
Coleen McGinley is an abstract artist based in Glasgow. She is currently completing the 4th year of her BA (Hons) degree in Painting at Edinburgh College of Art, and also studied Creative printmaking at City of Glasgow College. 

Coleen’s research is fluid and experimental, and is currently focusing on taking inspiration from outside stimuli, in this case music, to react instinctually and create something unique from the experience.

Intuitions by Coleen McGinley

Coleen’s process focuses on practical experimentation and transformative capabilities, and the use of colour and intention are essential in her practice, creating works that prompt you to sit and ponder upon them. Her inspiration comes from the mundane every day. She wants to celebrate the human experience. 

Her work is starting to incorporate world-building elements, using something known to create an unknown yet familiar experience. Coleen says, “I find it fascinating to investigate this otherworldly element in my work, researching the transformative and transportative powers of the arts.”

SeeSaw is showing at Six Foot Gallery until Friday April 5th
You can read more about the exhibitors and the show on our blog.