Noughts & Crosses

A collaborative exhibition of work by Olga Dean Hart and Madeleine Daly | 13th of June – 28th June 2024
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Olga Dean Hart | @odhart

A long time friend of the gallery, Olga’s artistic practice centres on the exploration of the human soul, a concept as elusive as it is enduring. Drawing inspiration from Carl Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious, her work delves into the interconnectedness of human experience. Circles, both precisely rendered and fluidly expressed, serve as a visual representation of the individual soul. These forms coexist within a vibrant tapestry of colour, symbolising the shared space of the collective unconscious. This interplay between order and chaos reflects the ongoing philosophical debate surrounding determinism and free will.

Olga’s paintings function as visual metaphors, prompting viewers to contemplate the possibility of creativity and individual expression existing within structured systems.

Abstract Expressionism and the Russian avant-garde movements have significantly influenced the development of Olga’s artistic voice. The bold brushstrokes and raw energy characteristic of Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko’s works resonate deeply with her desire to create emotive and expressive pieces that challenge traditional artistic boundaries. Similarly, the geometric shapes and bold colours employed by Kazimir Malevich and Lyubov Popova inform her approach to abstraction and composition, fostering a sense of depth and dynamism within each canvas.

Beyond aesthetics, Olga’s primary objective lies in fostering a dialogue with the viewer. Each artwork transcends its physical canvas, acting as a conduit for deeper reflection. Olga invites viewers to engage not only with the visual elements of colour and form but also to contemplate the existential questions embedded within the work. Perhaps they will find themselves resonating with the internal struggles depicted; the yearning for order amidst chaos; the potential for freedom within defined structures.

Madeleine Daly | @mad.daly_artist

Maddy is a painter working from her studio in the North East of Scotland. Her painting practice is influenced by the land and seascapes, maps and urban living, stories and stories within stories.

Maddy’s work explores the journeys we experience, whether physical or emotional. The push and pull of the ordinary days and the extra-ordinary days. The miniscule moments overlooked that layer up within our subconscious creating a landscape of unknown knowns. She endeavors to tap into the forgotten or unknown stories held within us.

Maddy enjoys playing with ambiguity and misdirection through a series of layering, and the use of juxtaposing marks, textures, and perspectives. Compositions emerge both abstract and representational, a collaboration of memory and imagination, a fine line between something and nothing.

Additionally, Maddy works within an expanded painting practice creating sculptural works, often but not exclusively from remnants of a previous work, such as masking tapes. These works require a collaboration between the passing of time and productivity. Collecting, preserving, and re-ordering brings about a slower pace. There is a meditative quality to the process held within these objects.

Noughts and Crosses runs at Six Foot Gallery until 28th June.