‘Modern Dragons’ by Gordy Craw

An Exhibition of Cryptic Illustration | January 26th – Feb 9th 2024
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Ancient folklores make reference to “dragons” as mythical creatures with a collage of features thought to originate from humans most primal fears. Our early ancestors lived in a world fraught with danger from predators and natural disasters, without rational understanding of real events. These legendary creatures took on the traits of reptilian, mammalian and avian enemies and are most often depicted as winged, horned and capable of breathing fire.

In this exhibition, Gordy Craw poses the questions: if dragons were created from our modern psyche, what form might they take? What are the conditions, people, concepts or threats that put our own happiness and health at the greatest risk in the modern world?

Each image presents the artist’s ideas of what components these modern dragons might be constructed of. Delicate ink drawings are built up to create large-scale behemoths which feel mythical in both scale and concept, mirroring the origins of draconic images of old. through the artist’s skilled draftsmanship and intricate design, the viewer is confronted with the reality of the hidden dangers in our modern culture which, once recognised, can be all the more easily fought and vanquished.

The works on display are deliberately presented as god-like, with elements of ancient religious art, to draw parallels between fear and worship, allowing the viewer to explore their relationship with each of these new threats and inspire another question – what do we sacrifice to keep these modern dragons at bay.


Gordy Craw is an award-winning animator and artist working out of Dundee. He aspires to make cryptic and meaningful art that is both visually intricate and conceptually thought provoking. Detailed pen drawings mirror the complicated nature of the issues and conclusions he endeavours to understand and communicate.

“I’m interested in politics, justice, religious and cult behaviour and currently spend my time working for a mental health arts charity which has bolstered my interest in people, community and phycology. I’ve got a busy mind that makes busy drawings.”

You can see more of Gordy’s work on his website or on Instagram.