Curses, Swears & Maledictions by Davardo

Pictures of a Transgressive World | July 19th – August 6th

Join us from 7pm-9pm on Friday 19th July for the opening night.

Works available from £30. Please direct all sales enquiries to

Win a mixed-media artwork by Davardo

D.I.Y (pictured above) is an interactive, magnetic piece comprised of several elements that can be arranged to produce multiple designs and compositions. In a nod towards that old Duchampian chestnut, the work reminds us that art can be created by anyone.

For a chance to win, simply make a donation via our payment link. 100% of all donations will go to Davardo’s chosen charity, Say Women. Remember to leave a note of your contact email or telephone number so we can get in touch with you if you’re our lucky winner. The draw will take place on the final day of Davardo’s exhibition, Tuesday August 6th.

Say Women offers safe semi-supported accommodation and emotional support for young women aged 16 to 25 who are survivors of sexual abuse, rape or sexual assault and who are homeless, or threatened with homelessness.

Local artist Davardo presents a broad retrospective of recent and previous works that incorporate figurative painting, abstract constructions and model- making, derived from life experiences and connections with social care, offending, domestic violence, addiction and education. 

He utilises classical references and contemporary revelatory elements derived from Jungian theories to describe the subconscious plane. The works are both sorrowful and whimsical in their reflections on the tragicomic conditions of modern life. They seek to possess the same qualities as those of Commedia dell’arte; an iconography of the absurdity of the real.

The breadth and diversity of the works reflect upon the nature of how human interactions are perceived between individuals, groups and communities. The territory of fractured societies and cultures is the landscape that Davardo explores particularly in the figurative context of the art. The drama of the subconscious is brought into its own in the form of the constructions and models that are carefully filtered through archetypal space and psychic forces.

The thematic profiles of Curses, Swears & Maledictions connect to one another in a mnemonic and personal journey that reveals transgressive mores inherent in contemporary society and culture.

Art and creative practices generally offer a unique perspective on the human condition. I have used my practice to help understand and attempt to communicate issues and observations about transgressive and borderline behavioural patterns in society and communities.


Assemblage versus Grand Narrative:

It may seem to an audience that there are disparities between aspects of the various thematic elements. This is unconscious but intentional, and these contradictory aspects form the basis of the artists’ theory that reality is like Schrödinger, both extant and subliminal. 

Davardo considers the limbic system as a form of screen from which we can project a certain narrative construct that reflects emotional, cultural, social and even spiritual contextual possibilities. 

In apprehending and interrogating those projections we become the artificers of our own experiences.

My ongoing project Curses, Swears & Maledictions has dealt with my experience of working in criminal justice and alternative educational settings. This experience has helped me develop a body of work that examines the ways in which we confront out-of-kilter social, cultural, and political issues, domestic violence, dependency, mental health, economic inequality and disparities between class groups.



Davardo studied painting and art history at St Martins, Chelsea and Canterbury Art Schools. He went on to work in the design industries and then higher and tertiary arts education and research as a lecturer, senior lecturer, course leader and project manager. Latterly he worked as a creative facilitator for offenders doing unpaid work in the community. These experiences have become inculcated into the structural concepts of the work. Through anecdotal and personal experiences and interactions the artist has sought to expose the rawness of transgression that is baked into religious beliefs, adherence to political dogma and social disparity.

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