An Exhibition of Work by Ballari Conner | 28th of May to 11th June 2024
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Candid explores several avenues, all of which look at the meaning of the word “candid” in different ways. Firstly there is self-portraiture where Conner has explored what it means to be a young woman living with many demons. She has exhibited street photography in and around Europe, capturing poignant moments within a snapshot. Conner has chosen to look down the avenue of recreating some of her own paintings and other artist’s paintings as photographs- and this is part of Candid as painting was the original tool of choice to capture raw emotion. This exhibition is a look at life as Conner views it; moments in time which she hopes will strike a chord with many. 


 Ballari Conner is a multi-media artist living in Glasgow and her passion lies in both painting and photography. Conner enjoys pushing the boundaries and often, with work depicting raw moments. In paintings, frequently portraying her internal world which at times can be quite dark. In photography, she enjoys capturing candid images the most. It took Conner til age 30 to understand that like art, she is a multi-faceted human being. Ballari is excited to have the opportunity to show the world what life looks like through her lens and paintbrush. 

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