WOMEN’S WORK // Rachael Rebus

This exhibition is running from the 15th June until 13th July.


Edith Pechey (4).jpg

Rachaels Statement:

“My work explores the female form through the reoccurring body postures seen in contemporary visual culture focusing on its portrayal in advertising, the media and celebrity culture. The body postures from Greek Antiquity can still be seen in our society every day on billboards, newspapers and social media. Through my paintings I explore these themes by looking at the outlines, margins and frames projected onto the female form as well as how these relate to women’s rights issues that affect Scottish women and girls in the face of Brexit and #metoo campaign.

In an age of austerity and threats to woman’s rights, the exhibition “Woman’s work,” will examine how far women have progressed in their fight for equality. Exploring society’s definition of “feminine” roles throughout history, the show will tell the story of a ‘woman’s work’ in the fight to transform the definitions and conditions that produced them. The exhibition will present drawings and paintings that examine the stories of women in Scotland throughout history who have contributed to advancements in woman’s rights, exploring and celebrating narratives of triumph in the face of adversity.


Mary Barbour (1).JPG


 The exhibition includes portraits of political activist Mary Barbour(above) – best known for her leadership role in the Glasgow Rent Strikes of 1915; and Edith Pechey, one of the Edinburgh Seven – a group of women who fought Edinburgh University to gain the same educational rights as men, allowing them to become the first women to matriculate from a British university and qualify as doctors.

Also featuring are Scottish Makar, Jackie Kay; First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon; Talat Yaqoob, Director of Equate Scotland, and Monica Lennon MSP who is leading the way to end period poverty.”








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