Strawberry Mohito AM.JPG
‘Strawberry Mohito AM’, 41 x 51 cm, oil on canvas. £500.
‘Inter-locution’, 41 x 51 cm, oil on canvas. £500.

Vincent has a BA in Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art, specialising in painting and printmaking.

“The two paintings that hereby constitute my participation in the six foot gallery exhibition, are neither discernibly connected to one another or the type of work I would normally be doing, except for the apparent attention to realism and a certain painterly technicality.

However as is almost an inevitable result of dialectic dissection, I might admit that even these pieces – which were contrived with little ambition beyond that of practice – do betray traces of interdependency insofar they possess subtle semblances to the conceptual convictions by which I am otherwise directed. Consequently it is my sincere hope, that the viewer will not only appreciate the aesthetic quality of my work, but also take pleasure in acknowledging the more cerebrally stimulating nuances of sardonically incorporated uncanny notions like the absurd, cognitive dissonance, semantic satiation and simulacrum. In this regard, although coincidental so to speak, I believe these “practice pieces” suffice as a potent representation of myself and my work.”

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