20th February 2017 – 20th March 2017

Six Foot Gallery is pleased to present work by our current Artist in Residence Kirsty Boutle for her exhibition Tropicana Pony

Kirsty’s art practice uses drawing, painting and sculpture to materially interrogate notions of encounter and embodiment. Her exploration of the body sees it as a viscerally maniacal and insatiably desiring machine. She is concerned with the merging and intertwining of visceral language, seeking to intimately examine the emergence of subjectivity brought about by transfigurative encounters with other forms and forces: what she understands as the reciprocal actualisation of virtual states in, on and through the body.


Born in Leeds, Kirsty attended York St John University where she gained a degree in Contemporary Fine Art Practice as well as winning the faculty of arts prize for outstanding artistic achievement. Thereafter, she completed an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice at Edinburgh College of Art in 2013, the city where she currently resides and works. Kirsty has just completed an artist’s residency here at Six Foot Gallery, the product of which is showcased in the exhibition, alongside selected works on paper from 2016.


The residency period was spent undertaking a detailed exploration of some repeated motifs present in her previous works by using them as a point of departure for new pieces. This was combined with a new material focus on the crude presentation of ‘flesh’. A series of watercolour paintings and small sculptural pieces are the results of a recycling and recombining of signs and symbols that have been merged into new bodily constellations. The new works collectively seek to offer the sense of perpetual narrative, an ‘ever chattering flesh’ of aesthetic entanglement and reciprocally affirming presence.

Read more about Kirsty’s work here: