Clare Crines


Jacqueline Scorgie

Jacqueline is a recent Graduate from an Art and Design course. Jacqueline, practices under the name of Jacque, has taken part in Street Stories Stirling and has a diverse practice that is focused on ceramics currently.

Megan Queenan

Megan is a 2021 graduate from the Glasgow School of Art with a BA Hons in Painting and Printmaking. Her work explores our relationships with technology and the digital self with their ability to recontexualise our mortality. She uses various technical skills including elements of sculpture, printmaking, and circuitry work.

Jordan Raivel

Jordan is a 2021 graduate from the University of Glasgow with an MSc in Museum Studies. She is interested in gallery curation and exhibition management and is happy to be involved with Six Foot Gallery.

Neil Simpson

Neil is an unusual musician and visual artist. His current projects include Drone, a theatre show telling the story of a military drone’s life and fears, with which he tours internationally. And, making uncanny and figurative images digital images and prints by digitally distorting heads and faces.

Amy Iona

Amy is an interdisciplinary artist and practitioner-researcher, currently undertaking an MRes at the University of Glasgow. Her work relies on experimentation with photographic processes to investigate interconnected themes of nature-connectedness, tradition, folklore and queer feminist politics. In addition to her own art practice, Amy is dedicated increasing access to the Scottish arts sector through inclusive curatorial projects and gallery work.

Zane Drees

Zane is a fourth year Sculpture and Environmental Art student at Glasgow School of Art. His work explores material culture and the dissemination of images. Currently looking forward to exploring gallery curation.


Lois Langmead

Lara Dingemans

Suri Park

Matilde Mosterts de Banfield

Bianca Callegaro

Alana Dunion

Alex Lauder

Aimee Haldane

Rose Berry

Maya Buechner

Sophie Minervini

Jessica Gentleman

Iona McGeachie

Kathleen Crilly

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