Clare Crines


Lara Dingemans 

Lara is a History of Art graduate from the University of East Anglia. She has been curating shows in London galleries since graduation and is still practising from her home in Glasgow, currently working on a large scale cross stitch focused on mental health. She is looking to train as an art therapist in the near future.

Matilde Mosterts de Banfield

Mat specialised in Medieval Northern European Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art. She is currently applying for a PhD that focuses on the possibility of conversation between Medieval and Contemporary Art.

Bianca Callegaro

Bianca is a third-year History of Art with Film and Television Studies (MA) student at the University of Glasgow. She is looking to pursue a career in the museum and heritage sector, with a specific interest in curation.

Lois Langmead

Lois is an artist who graduated from the Royal College of Art in Textiles Mixed Media. She received her BA from the Glasgow School of Art in 2015. Lois’s practice explores themes of women’s historical narratives and constructions of identity.

Suri Park

Suri is based in Seoul & Glasgow and studying in Master of fine art practice from the Glasgow school of Art. in her work, she draws unknown creatures and dreamy space in a cute but creepy narrative.

Aimee Haldane

Aimee is a final year Sculpture and Environmental Art student at Glasgow School of Art. Her practice explores escapism shown through mixed media installations.

Alana Dunion

Alana has just graduated from The Glasgow School of Art where she studied Painting and Printmaking. Her work is inspired primarily by films and explores themes of the occult, parallel worlds, the human psyche in response to “the uncanny,” mythology and dreams. She works in different mediums such as film, painting, prop making and miniature film sets made from found materials.

Alex Lauder

Alex is currently studying for her Masters Degree in Film, Exhibition and Curation at the University of Edinburgh. Prior to this, Alex studied Sociology at the University of Glasgow and is interested in art and its uses across the cultural sphere.