Laverne by Silvia Righetti at Six Foot Gallery

25th February 2016 – 10th March 2016

Six Foot Gallery are excited to invite Silvia Righetti back to exhibit her new series of works. The Italian artist studied at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice, where she specialised in contemporary theatre and began her collaboration with the Venice Biennale.

Interested in space and multi-disciplinary practice, She expresses herself through painting and colour, which is combined with writing, poetry and manipulated image.
As the creative director of a theatre, she developed a curiosity for the narrative environment: starting from the representation, she creates different levels of space and time, where the story develops and acquires other meanings. She contemplates and reworks, using different, but complementary tools of expression. Silvia’s research is focussed on the discovery of inner self. 


The idea behind Lavarone is to represent a beloved place, by observing, re-connecting with nature and then investigating the history and past.

Lavarone is in the mountains of Italy, one of the favourite travel destinations of Sigmund Freud. It was a battlefield during the First Great War and today, is a holiday resort and place of memorial. It was a place of death, of war, of psychoanalysis, of dreams and writing. Here the clouds hide secrets, and Silvia tries to represent the different levels of narrative using four main elements of her artistic practice: mixed media, photo manipulation, writing and painting.