Spring Touch - Acrylic on Canvas - 24 inch × 30 inch-2.jpg
‘Spring Touch’, 24 x 24 inches, oil on canvas. £130.
The Core - Oil on board - 24 inch × 48 inch-min.jpg
‘The Core’, 24 x 48 inches, oil on board. £230.

“I am an artist but never consider myself just a painter or sculptor, though largely but not exclusively my work comprise on paintings however in my past and present work the notable different is from tradition to contemporary, concrete to conceptual and construct to abstract. When I think of art or personal art I would prefer it to represent inner stimulation, catharsis and as a medium of expression on any surface with any means but it has to be pure, as when some thing comes out from deepest thoughts it creates a massive impact on it viewer.

Both of my these paintings are the part of my February – March 2018 solo-exhibition Remaining Colours.

Being as a fine artist or mainly as a painter I tried to control the colourful chaos under the wooden brackets of these paintings. The appearance of colour in any form or shape ignites the sense in me to do something involving colours and their shapes. Colours can change the mood and change the way I see things around. This temp me to play with colours for these paintings and create something beautiful which not only satisfy the quest of my eye but bring rejoice to my brain too.”

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