Harriet Harman mug shot (1).jpg
‘Harriet Harman Mug Shot’, 30 x 40 cm, oil on board. £500.
Edith Pechey-2.jpg
‘Edith Pechey’, 100 x 140 cm, marker pen on paper. £100.

Rachael is a visual artist specializing in painting, drawing and collage, and currently lives and works in Edinburgh. After graduating from DoJCAD, she received a First Class Fine Art BA Hons in 2010 before completing her training with Turps Banana Art School’s Correspondence Course. She has continued to exhibit throughout the UK and presented her first solo show this year at Nomas Projects, Dundee as well as exhibiting at Glasgow Open House Festival in May.


“My work explores the female form through reoccurring body postures found in contemporary visual culture focusing on its portrayal in advertising, the media and celebrity culture. The body postures from Greek Antiquity can still be seen in our visual culture every day on billboards, newspapers and social media. Through my paintings I explore these themes by looking at the outlines, margins and frames projected onto the female form as well as how this relates to women’s rights issues that affect Scottish women and girls in the face of Indyref2 and Brexit.”

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