PALACE by Jack Bishop at Six Foot Gallery

19th May 2016 – 2nd June 2016

PALACE focuses on how humans inhabit spaces. From interior sanctuaries to oppressive exteriors, Jack Bishop’s work examines objects and the voids surrounding them that we call home. These habitats have a profound effect on our mental health, as humans we mediate between states of comfort and discomfort both emotionally and physically. From a slight change in perspective a resting place can soon feel custodial. PALACE reveals to us how we shape and are shaped by these spaces. This is the first solo exhibition of the Glasgow based artist Jack Bishop.


Bishop’s recent work looks into ideas surrounding shelters, seeing them as transformative spaces where the occupant’s feelings can sway from discomfort to comfort. He manoeuvres these unstable modes to create works that seem both foreign and familiar. Outputting the work through the multiple mediums, he incorporates traditional techniques such as steam bending combined with contemporary processes.