‘Ice’, 49 x 67 cm, ink and gouache. £300.
Mountain path with sun.jpg
‘Mountain Path with Sun’, 24.5 x 84.5 cm, ink, oil pastels and gouache, £300.

“My work explores the fragile but steadfast nature of the world and ourselves, the artwork often walks the line between the calm and the chaotic, I like to question how we can view the world creating a consensus in two completely diverging ways. I like to explore the ideas of stillness and safety often subverting this by giving natural elements structure (however higgledy-piggledy) where there was no structure before, creating calming geometrical shapes via chaos of the inner line. I often create coherence via sharp line around other more flued media such as inks gouache as well as powder pigment all this creates a kind of equilibrium, a consensus between the chaotic untidy world and the peacefully ordered one. I hope this in some way displays our own world, a place of structure created from the unstructured. In some drawings I like to juxtapose the idea of the safe with a spectre of unease by the title for instance also objects often sit in the vacuum of white with no further landscape around it, on occasion a mountains colour is more akin to bruising giving it an odd human quality, often doted around the drawings are trees stick like, but beyond this there is no other form of life. It’s an unknowing form of beauty that shows both the fragility and durability of nature and life itself, reviling our world to be a place of many diverging consensuses.”

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