Caterina is a blown glass beadmaker and glass jewels designer and creator based in Italy. The work is focused on her attempts to make Murano glass jewels which has a thousand-year-old history in decorative arts and jewellery. There are three of her statement necklaces on display at Six Foot Gallery.

This is what Caterina writes about her work: Light and Shadow ‘is a game between light and opacity, between shade and colour. The sinuous shapes of blown glass creates an elegant and sophisticated composition. The black colour element, scratched on one side, breaks the composition by contrasting the chromatic sequence. These elements, close to the other, create a rich and elegant accessory. Their surface, finely sandblasted enhances the volume of the elements. The Light and Shadow necklace is an experience to wear.’

Private Messages’ speaks about emotions, mental bonds, thoughts and unspoken words. Talking about what I can’t see and what we keep intimately protected within us. To access, to show the content of the glass elements, they must experience a change that in this case would be the breaking of the elements themselves.’

1X10 is asking the questions ‘Can glass be considered a precious material? What is it that increases its value? The processing? The idea for 1X10 necklace is inspired by an ancient jewel of the Bijou Museum in Casalmaggiore, Italy. A thin and very light silver leaf, melts on the glass surface like a veil. Silver enhance the volume of the shapes and make
them shine.’

Caterina Zucchi, Private Messages
Caterina Zucchi, Light and Shadow.
Caterina Zucchi, 1X10.