‘Paintbrushes’, 51 x 45 cm, oil and emulsion on board. £390.
the pciture gallery red studio.jpg
‘The Picture Gallery Red Studio’, 36 x 39.5 cm, oil and emulsion on board. £550.

‘I am an art student and life model living and working in Edinburgh. Through painting I aim to represent the experience of being in the studio, using imaginary compositions. I could be said that I am trying to produce ‘painters’ painting’ – work that will speak to artists through the subject, and a certain truth to materials. I am interested in the role of art within the home and work environment, and the way in which an interior scene becomes an extension of the room it is hung in, a sanctuary from a busy or crowded space. Can a studio space be a mental space, entered into through the visual material surrounding us?

‘The Picture Gallery Red Studio’ is a painting of an imagined studio space, inspired by the work of Matisse. The title comes from the Farrow & Ball colour ‘Picture Gallery Red’ which is used for the background, and is inspired by Matisse’s ‘The Red Studio’. His famous cut out ‘Blue Nude II’ is referenced in both a reproduction and the pose of the nude, drawing attention to the process of art making.

‘Paint brushes’ is dedicated to all the paint brushes I forgot to wash. It is inspired by compositions of paintbrushes hanging on the studio wall and the ghosts of paintings past left in their bristles.’

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