Inspected - Hannah Lyth.jpg
‘Inspected’, 84 x 120 cm, screen print. £375.
Openwide - Hannah Lyth.jpg
‘Open Wide’, 74 x 90 cm, screen print on metal and perspex. £335.

“Working from memory and an exploration of medical and bodily forms; my work composites a visual and cathartic reflection of personal experiences of illness and being in hospital. My work focuses on feelings of vulnerability and isolation caused by the pain of ill health and surgery; combined with the sensations your body goes through during this process.

Focusing on refining my practise through screen print, I have been able to create ethereal forms by connecting my drawings and the use of Photoshop. Constructing multitudes of forms to build up large-scale screen prints for maximum impact on the viewer and yet still contain an ambiguous nature. Representations of these intimate periods are shown through ethereal, medical and bodily forms whilst also focusing on materials other than paper such as metal and perspex to create physical layers to the print.

Through research of other artists such as Jo Spence, Frida Kahlo and Mona Hatoum, I have seen how they have harnessed periods in their life where they have experienced suffering, ill health and loss and then to visually represent it through their work. Through my own practise, I have endeavoured to express the same cathartic release and embody these through my own series of reflective works.”


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