Gathered by Geraldine Russell at Six Foot Gallery  

28th April 2016 – 12th May 2016

Geraldine Russell is a Multidisplinary Artist whose current work follows on from her Degree Show which focused on the importance of human connection to Mental Health. She is highly experimental in her approach to her practice.

Driven by the haptic qualities of materials, she works with both Ceramics and Textiles. Geraldine’s practice has always had a personal narrative and she tends to explore themes and issues that affect her both directly and indirectly.

13001257_1016439431743569_1346634745354643856_n    IT’S ABOUT OWNERHSIP, A WAY OF FINDING MYSELF, WHERE I AM – Atta Kwami

Gathered is an arrangement of objects, informed by the domestic rituals, the diverse community within which I live and the people I have met. The exhibition provides a contextual setting in which the artist opens up a dialogue to look at Art and Craft within a wider social context and discussing how it can be restorative to both individuals and communities.

Geraldine began her journey by exploring the idea of community and collaboration, the importance of having a sense of belonging, and the role played by community involvement in individual wellbeing.

How does being a part of a community collective and where we live shape who we are, contribute to how we see ourselves, and to how others see us?

The work has been largely inspired by the Art workshops she holds within Milk Café. Govanhill is one of the largest culturally diverse areas in Glasgow and the Café is an integral part of the Victoria Road community where people of all cultures and ethnicities connect and interact.