‘Items from the Death Room’ installation featuring the following:
‘Tabernacle’, 20 x 15 x 20 cm, mixed media sculpture. £300.
‘Urn’, 15 x 15 30 cm, mixed media sculpture. £350.

Various additional materials NFS.

Fionnuala recently graduated from Edinburgh College of Art and is now based in Edinburgh.

There was once a lord, or possibly a sir, who saw fit to sate three profound needs all at once. The first was to use his magnificent supply of money, the second to find something to do with his more than sufficient free time and the third to address a nagging sense of spiritual lack that had been increasingly bothering him for some years now. After some reflection he ordered there to be built within his own splendid house, a Death Room. His plans for it were extensive. He ordered carvings and a new fireplace, nothing would be spared in the construction of this ultimate sanctuary. When it was built the earl or duke, or whatever he was, went to sit in it. “Mors Rapit Omnia” one of the carvings reminded him. He nodded and sunk into a deep revery. Whether this construction sated the hungers that had brought about its creation I do not know, what I do know is that when I read the story of this solemnly morbid aristocrat I was charmed by the combined absurdity and beauty of his ambition . It was utterly ridiculous but so earnestly so that I couldn’t help seeing it as an inspiration. Perhaps this was an example in how to live artfully. There is a cupboard in our flat, large enough for a person to walk into and recently emptied. It was the perfect candidate for my own construction.

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