Laguz (Reversed).JPG
‘Laguz Reversed’, 32 x 40 inches, mixed media on canvas. £1670.
The End of Time Has Wings (1)
‘The End of Time has Wings’, 15.5 x 19.5 inches, mixed media on canvas. £550.

Eilidh explores their own psyche and thought processes through an organic and impulsive method of creating art. These pieces are fluidly born on canvas with supposedly random colour selection and hand movements, but also with the understanding that there is an underlying reason for the placement and inclusion for each strange, multi-coloured feature. Eilidh retrospectively extracts meaning from these pieces, much like finding meaning within a Rorschach test. In “The End of Time Has Wings”, a Great Being covers the scorched earth in a shining blanket while the last humans look upwards. They have lost all discernible features and identity, now just a empty black silhouette, each holding a piece of the end of time within themselves. The Great Being grasps a mysterious tiny creature in their hooked limb, which perhaps signals hope of something new after the End, or just the start of something much worse. In “Laguz (Reversed)”, a Rune-faced person struggles to hold various items, or concepts, even with multiple limbs. The face was the last feature added, and this was through randomly selecting a rune from a velvet pouch. This rune was “Laguz” meaning Flow, Water, and “that which conducts” and encourages one to immerse yourself in the experience of living, without trying to over-analyse . The reverse of this stone has the definition of unbalance, over-exertion and of feeling overwhelmed. This was aserendipitous  selection and truly the perfect piece to complete the image.  Additionally, after drawing out the base image of this artwork, Eilidh attended a therapy session where they became aware that their inner voice and drive was stifled long ago and was now struggling to hear it, and experiencing stress and loss of identity because of this. On looking at the message on the swimsuit in the drawing, they found their inner voice was demanding attention through the vessel of automatic art making. Eilidh continues to fully translate their artwork into the psychological messages for personal growth, as well as to just enjoy the aesthetic value that comes with Imagination Art.

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