gossamer memories 1.JPG
‘Gossamer Memories’, 35 x 37 cm, two plate etching. £350 framed/£280 unframed.

“My practice focuses on the idea of walking, wandering and meandering, as a way to find multiple viewpoints of a changing consciousness.

My Italian and Scottish background has led me to develop work that investigates into the concepts of belonging, identity and the self. By walking I take time to explore my identity. I document internal, external space, urban environments and natural landscapes.

In my recent work I am focusing on the creation of prints that combine my cultural heritage with childhood memories and family photographs to create work that explores the individual and its relationship with the concept of home.

‘Gossamer Memories’ combines images of ‘La Parrocchia di S. Cecilia a Decimo’ and the seascape of Bridlington; a unification between my memories of ‘Decimo’ (a Roman Catholic Church, situated in the town of San Casciano in Val di Pesa, where I grow up) and photographs of my mother’s childhood.”

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