The team at Six Foot are delighted to welcome artist Kirsty Boutle to the gallery this week. Kirsty is our current Artist in Residence and will be working in the SFG Studio over the next month.


Kirsty Boutle’s practice uses drawing, painting and sculpture as a material interrogation of the body; an insatiable desiring and viscerally maniacal machine. Questions of merging and intertwining; the reciprocal actualisation of virtual states in, on and through a body. An intimate examination of the emergence of subjectivity brought about by transfigurative encounters with other forms and forces.



During her residency Kirsty will create a series of small and detailed drawings and paintings, focusing on the exploration and combination of one or two repeated motifs within her recent 2 dimensional works which featured in her recent exhibition with Eilidh McPherson, Visceral Absurdities,  at the Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh.

Kirsty will be headlining our exhibition programme this April. To find out more about Kirsty and her work visit her website:

* IMAGES: Fly me to the moon on a unicorn (2015) mixed media on paper 35x31cm, American cream soda and a single white pudding (2016)mixed media on paper 45x30cm, Installation shot of Visceral Absurdities at the Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh


Artist In Residency, January 2017

Artist in Residence – January 2017

Programme: 1 Month.

The selected artist will be invited to work in the Six Foot Gallery studio and workshop for the duration of the residency. The facilities within the workshop include a darkroom and jewellery benches, along with a generous sized studio space and small kitchen area which includes fridge, freezer, microwave and kettle. The artist will have 24 hour access to the studio and facilities.

The successful artist will be accommodated in the Brunswick Hotel, situated opposite the gallery, where they will receive one month’s board plus full use of gym, pool and spa facilities.

Six Foot Gallery is ideally located in the centre of Glasgow with excellent transport links less than a 5 minute walk away. Glasgow’s thriving art scene including internationally renowned galleries and museums as well as grassroots organisations are easy to explore from your base at the gallery.

As part of the residency agreement one piece of art work will be created for the Brunswick Hotel collection which will be displayed long term and a second piece will be donated to the Six Foot Gallery collection. The framing for these will be paid for by the artist.

The artist must pay for their own materials and living expenses.

To apply please send:

An artist’s CV & Bio
6 good quality images of recent work
An outline of your intentions for the residency and how it might benefit the development of your practice (250 words)

Location: Glasgow City

Hannah Laycock: Artist in Residence

“’How do you feel?’ ‘How do I feel?’ He repeated, and scratched his head. ‘I cannot say I feel ill. But I cannot say I feel well. I cannot say I feel anything at all.’” *

Photographer Hannah Laycock spent ten years living in London and Brighton.  Since returning to Scotland, she has taken up Six Foot Gallery’s Artist in Residence Program, in association with Menzies Hotel. Her exhibition will start this month, and feature an experimental new series of photographic works – with which she intends to begin her working life in Glasgow.

Hannah describes her relationship with the photographic medium as such:

“For me, photography is painting with light. I was never really skilled at painting in the traditional sense, nor was I skilled at other creative mediums. Photography has enabled me to skilfully explore my creativity.”

Consequently, Hannah’s refined and intuitive photography skills have allowed her to capture and present her subjects in a way that is both truthful and loving.  From ‘Railing at the Enthrallment to the Failing of the Light’ (Parts I – II, 2009-) a touching, multi-media based documentation of her parents’ lives as her father’s health begins to decline; to ‘Fragility’ (also 2009), in which the image of the human body is treated with a rare, uncompromising sensitivity.

Following her diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis, the artist has focused on relaying the associated feelings of “uncertainty, fear, loss and liberation” through her work.  We ought to view ‘awakenings’ as an attempt towards: “Dealing with notions of identity and the play on this in relation to [the artist’s] diagnosis”; as well as recognise its intention to raise awareness of MS.  Furthermore, the artist aims to convey her personal journey in such a way that it reaches its viewers on a universal level, regardless of their own experiences.

Six Foot Gallery will be exhibiting ‘awakenings’ by Hannah Laycock between 28th August – 14th September (Preview: 27th August).

Our Artist in Residence program is kindly supported by The Menzies Hotel and Street Level Photoworks.

*Oliver Sacks, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat – also referenced by Hannah Laycock in accompanying text to ‘Perceiving Identity’, 2015.

Six Foot Photography Open

Six Foot Photography Open(4)
As part of SFG’s Month of Photography we are delighted to be able to announce this fantastic opportunity for photographers to get involved and give one photographer the opportunity to develop their work further with a residency package with input from Six Foot, Street Level Photoworks and Menzies Hotel.

Our Month of Photography looks to celebrate photography in all it’s forms and as part of this we would like to invite submissions for our first ever Six Foot Photo Open. Open to photographers from all areas, and of all levels of experience the event will culminate in an exhibition created from a shortlist of entries by a panel of judges which will be made up of representatives from Six Foot Gallery, Street Level Photoworks and a member of the wider photographic community.
The exhibition will take place from 21st may until 2nd June, bringing an end to our Month of Photography.

The residency package will be offered to one photographer from the shortlist and receive the opportunity of a month long residency including workshop and studio space within Six Foot Gallery along with accommodation at Menzies Hotel in Glasgow and a month’s membership at Street Level Photoworks where the photographer can avail of top class photographic facilities during July.
At the end of the residency the photographer will be able to host a solo show at Six Foot Gallery.

Submissions will open 1/12/14 and run until 6/4/15
Photographers are asked to submit 3-5 images from one body of work for consideration.
There will be a £10 submission fee applicable.
Shortlisted photographers will be asked to deliver work by no later than 4/5/15.
Print sizes, mounting and framing will be discussed with representatives prior to delivery.
The judging panel’s decision is final.

Submission link & T&C’s will be posted on or before 2/12/14

Victoria Shennan – Artist in Residence

Victoria at work
Victoria at work

From today until 12th of August Six Foot Gallery will be showing works by our Artist in Residence, Victoria Shennan. We asked her a couple of questions about her art and how working as an artist in residence has affected her practice. Have a read!

How would you describe your work and your practices? 

I am an interdisciplinary maker. I think through making. Exploring the visceral nature of materials allows my thoughts to percolate as I connect materials, processes and ideas. 

I am interested exploring perception and the ineffable, capturing materials in flux and expressing this in-between state through objects we are most familiar with jewellery and everyday items.

Since taking up the Artist in Residency it seems you’ve been doing some interesting things. Could you explain to us the techniques you’ve been employing in your work lately and what you’ve been doing throughout the residency?

I set out to explore different avenues of making and translating ideas, capturing everyday, ephemeral moments and translating them into something tangible. Experimenting with different photography techniques such as double exposure photographs, boiled film and making filters for my camera allowed me to explore the border line between interior and exterior realities. These created another dimension to the images; the results were multifaceted and unexpected as everyday images became unfamiliar and shaded into the extraordinary.

Translating this into materials, I experimented with wax to create distorted, malleable, unfamiliar forms. 

Did you have an idea of what you wanted to achieve through the Residency and if so, what?

The residency was a fantastic opportunity to focus on new ways of attuning to my environment, recording information and trying out new materials and techniques. I thought of it as an intensive short period to explore and dive into something new.  

How has the Residency experience been for you?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the residency, it has been really refreshing to be able to focus solely on making work without all the everyday distractions in the peripheries. It is a luxury to have such a huge workspace to yourself and to be located directly opposite the workshop!

Both the gallery and hotel staff have went above and beyond to help and accommodate me. 

Do you feel the Residency has affected or developed your practice in any way?

Time spent at the residency has been really valuable as it has allowed me to return to my intuition. It has also happened at a time when I am linking different avenues of my practice, recording and translating ideas into objects and experiences in different ways, such as sound recordings and photographs, writing, material studies and altering objects. Much of this has not made its way out of my sketchbook yet as I was only able to explore a fraction of my ideas in this time, so it has given me much food for thought about future work and possibilities. 

How have you found Glasgow as the location for the Residency?

I’m originally from Glasgow but have been in London for the past year while undertaking a Masters Degree and it has been a joy to return and have the opportunity to stay right in the heart of the city centre to get to know Glasgow in a whole new way. Glasgow is a multi-layered and diverse city but this was amplified by the Commonwealth games, so I think I am really lucky to be here when there is so much vibrant activity going on.

As part of the residency you stay in the Menzies hotel, across from the studio – how has it been living in a hotel for a month?  

Living in a hotel was initially a bit surreal but it has been a wonderful experience. Highlights include being able to go out for a walk along the Clyde in the morning to take some photos and coming back for a great breakfast. The studio is directly opposite the hotel, so being able to nip back if you forget something or work late into the night when the mood takes you. Also there is a pool and a sauna, which is a great break if you have been working away all day!