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‘-load over-‘, 2 50 x 40 cm drawings (diptych), text work and sanded paper in frame. £430.
Close up.

Callum Harper (Australia) works with notions around LGBT culture, and combines discourse around reality and online life to create dialogue around the disparate differences of communication IRL vs URL. Primarily working with text, video and performance, Harper travels to varied destinations of contrasting political values toward LGBT citizens, and internalises locals opinions and his personal experiences on acceptance and daily life. The amalgamation of this collected experiential information and research data informs the medium and personal responses to experiences within differing contexts. Harper holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Monash University in Caulfield, Australia, and a Master of Fine Arts from Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden.

Harper’s diptych is a poetic text work about the disparate intrigue of love online versus the search for intimacy in real life. The poetry chronicles two phases of attempts to find love – with and without hook up apps, whilst adjusting and living in a new city. “-load over-,” a play on overload, plays with the idea of the struggle of finding love at a bar, whilst everyone else is finding it on their phone over a drink. Sensory emotional responses, glinting flirtation and strangers glaring, the poetry hints at the fact there is no downloadable manual in a PDF format to find love IRL, despite it being a universal normality to do so throughout the duration of your lifetime. Sex, love and frustrations, in handwritten code.

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