Here is why we are excited about October at Six Foot Gallery.

October is the month of PLATFORM, which has already seen the birth of our new logo, courtesy of Laura Hopkinson.  Still to come are OFFICE SPACE, which will see a number of installs by our selected artists throughout the month – ending with ‘HOW TO DO AN ARTIST TALK’, on the 29th, which will also serve as our official opening and closing event, as well as An Edible Masterpiece – during which cakes are displayed and celebrated as art objects, while money is raised for the Art Fund.

Platform started off as a project intended to take advantage of our unique gallery spaces, as well as the means to support emerging artists with a drive to test out new ideas in an off beat and unconventional space.  The original plan was to exhibit one artist each week, allowing four solo exhibitions throughout October.

The project began to take shape upon our receipt of proposals, and a decision was made to allow Office Space to evolve into a collaborative exhibition, with progressive installs each week; starting off low-key, and building to a climax – an idea not strictly unheard of – with associations we are very okay with.

This week will see the work of Lori Isabella McColl.  Learn more about her here and stay tuned for #PLATFORM updates on our social media sites!

Published by Six Foot Gallery

Six Foot Gallery is a volunteer-run alternative art and design space, supporting emerging creative practitioners.

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